Friday, January 7, 2011

Misheberach for Debbie Friedman

For those that have not heard, Debbie Friedman is very ill with pneumonia, not responding to medication against whatever infection she is struggling with. Her condition seems to be worsening. She is in an induced coma and family members are asking our prayers, for Debbie and for them.

Debbie Friedman is pretty much the voice of modern Reform Jewish music; before she did a version of the Misheberach (prayer for healing & renewal) most Reform Jews didn't even know what the prayer was; now it's a weekly staple in most congregations. I learned the Shema, V'ahavta, Mi Chamocah, Oseh Shalom, Shalom Rav, and many other prayers by singing her songs, and they're still among my favorite pieces to sing, in and out of prayer.

My prayers go to her and her family; she has had a permanent and positive impact on my life.

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