Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of Year Two

[Note: this was originally supposed to go out on 12/31; it did not.]

It took me about 13 months to hit 100 posts, and in the past year I've done less than half that number. I have an equal number of posts in my "Drafts" folder, many of them title-only stubs waiting for time and attention.

That speaks interestingly to both my free time/stress level this year, and the path my Jewish journey's taking. One of the drafts gets into where that path is taking me, but it's been a really hard one to look at. Suffice to say, given the events of this year I'm not so much mad at God (although he threw me a couple curve-balls) as I am mad at Reform Judaism. And if RJ doesn't fit me anymore, where's my home?

I also know the past month's worth of posts have had a fairly negative energy to them. It is my hope, in the coming year, to brighten that up. This will involve brightening me up too, so it's a win-win.

I also have a dream of staring a podcast; there are a shortage of non-Orthodox/Chabad podcasts about Judaism, and I feel I could be a voice in that space. I'm really worried about trying to even start a production schedule when I'm having trouble just posting regularly. Still, it's a direction I would like to go. If anyone has some podcast suggestions, drop me a line.

Ok, that's it. Hope you had a happy Boxing Day, watch out for holiday drivers, and have a safe & happy goyishe New Year!

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