Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A random, briefly considered thought

So many of the problems in our world are caused by the imbalance of wealth. The commonly suggested solutions tend to propose bringing all the poor up to the middle class, but this idea will not work – or at least not well enough.

Right now, some have too little, some have enough, and some have more than they need. Merely bringing everyone up to the level of “enough” with a few at “more than they need” doesn’t solve the problem. Remember your Einstein; concentrations of mass actually deform space, with the attendant effects on the surroundings. In the same vein, large concentrations of money can deform society around it.

I don’t propose creating a truly level society; sticking to the physics metaphor, this represents the heat death of the universe. Differences in levels create the potential which leads to energy which causes reactions; level everything off, and it all stops. There must be some variation, but it needs to be a manageable amount so that we can put the potential to good use.

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