Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Next Step

I start Hebrew classes today; major step on my journey. The things I need to do for Rabbinic school, at this point, are learn Hebrew, and get involved with a Temple. I have now started both. Hebrew will be easy, but the time required is fairly fixed; the Temple's timeline is completely at my discression, but it will be much harder. So it's an interesing combination. Hopefully, by the time I know enough Hebrew to write a post, I'll also find the software that lets me Hebrew-blog.

Relatedly, I decided it's time to learn about twitter (listed as "bookandcoffee"); it seems that I'll be able to tie that medium to this, I just have to figure out how. If anyone can help, please advise. Otherwise, it will just be a plesant surprise at some point in the future.

Good night!

Lilah tov!

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  1. THis new site may help you learn Hebrew:

    Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio