Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Listen to this episode of This American Life!

In Episode 430: Very Tough Love Ira Glass takes a close look at a Drug Court judge that seems to operate way beyond the guidelines usually employed by Drug Courts.

Hell, she seems to go past guidelines set forth by the US Constitution, basic morality, and the Geneva Conventions.

This is the cost of our "War on Drugs".

This is the cost of removing regulators and checks & balances.

This is the cost of giving too much power to the people sworn to protect us.

Listening to the podcast, I honestly believe Judge Williams has good intentions. She wants to help fix these drug addicts, to divert them from a life of crime, and to prevent future drug use. I also believe she was traumatized by her personal contact with addiction, and cannot respond to these cases in a fair, unbiased manner.

But there is a problem with giving too much power, especially unrestrained, to one person, no matter how pure their intentions. We see that time and time again.

Please listen to this story, and share it with a friend. This is a judge that either needs to be removed from her position, or made to understand the effect of her actions clearly enough to change her ways.

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