Friday, August 13, 2010

A Very Special Wedding Present

So I'm getting married tomorrow, and amidst all the cards and congratulations that came in, I got this note from one of my favorite volunteers from my days working with the Scouts.
A number of years ago you sent a memo to area scoutmasters asking if anyone would like to have a scout visit their troop in the family's search for a new troop. The scout had a medical condition that had him hooked to an oxygen tank 24/7. You said the dad was involved in scouting and would probably be involved here too.

Well, he joined my troop. In February of 2009 he got a double lung transplant. A few months after his surgery he completed his Eagle project. Along the way he found out he had cancer. He has faced these challenges bravely.

Saturday is his Eagle Court of Honor. Today he found out he is now cancer-free. He weighs 101 pounds. The first time he has been over 100 in his life. He swam for the first time in his life this last week.

And he is going to Notre Dame in the fall with a rather large scholarship.

His dad is our advancement chair and his little brother is now in the troop. He and his family have been a blessing to everyone in the troop (and the school community).

As scary as the memo you sent was, things worked out for the best.

This is why I loved being involved with the Scouts; it's not that this couldn't have happened without me, but I did this. I made this kind of difference in someone's life.

What a wonderful wedding present!

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