Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Bible As It Was Meant To Be

Sorry for the long absence; travel for work, a friend's wedding, and moving to a new apartment have kept me kind of busy. Had a few ideas I'll write about as soon as things settle down. Meanwhile, enjoy this:

The LOLCat Bible

This is a truly beautiful thing. I imagine I'll find at least as much meaning and value in this as in the original.

My favorite verse so far; Exodus 2: 23-25:
An latr on Pharo died an all teh Jews werre laik, too much wurk An htis suxxxxxx rly rly terabl. 4 realz. An Ceiling Cat herd em say it, and saied to hisself Oh rite i 4got. I is ment to not let that hapn. sry i iz stil n00b Ceiling Cat An i wil fixz htat bug in urths version 2.1. An Ceiling Cat gave props to teh Heberws, srsly.

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