Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's hard to blaspheme Purim!

I mean seriously! How do you treat irreverently a holiday whose major theme is irreverence? And yet, we persevere.

It's one of the interesting results of my year-long experiment in blasphemy - aside from realizing how bad I am at 1) reading a calendar, and 2) remembering to post something. I never realized that it would be so, well, difficult! This is the third major holiday in a row that left me scratching my head as I tried to find some way to offer indignity to HaShem within that holiday's major theme! Granted, I'm new at this and will probably improve with time, but for now it seems that when you remove G-d from Judaism, and refuse to assign any "Divine Attributes" until they have been earned... changes almost nothing at all about Judaism.

Purim is about sex drinking wearing masks, which means it is also about removing masks. Masks are things used for concealment or disguise. We assume that if someone is wearing a mask they put it on theirself. But many times we create the masks we see on others, and from viewing them we learn more about ourselves than the one so masked. I removed G-d from Purim and it looked just the same; what does that tell us about the mask we put on G-d?

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