Thursday, November 27, 2008


Visiting friends for Thanksgiving; question came up yesterday, what should we do for bread? I suggested I could make a challah; after all, we did it at summer camp so how hard could it be? (Note: I have not actually tried to do this since summer camp.)

Well, anyway, we decided to give it a try; today a shopping list was assembled, and ingredients purchased. Then we started playing a game, ran very late, and went straight to bed. As I'm drifting off, I remembered the small line in the recipe that reads: "Allow to rise overnight". Well. This could be an issue.

Time check: 1:45 AM.
Mission Objective: Make bread dough.
Success Criteria: Don't wake friends.

Like a shadow, I slipped into the kitchen and located the necessary supplies; like a thunderstorm the cats decided to help me find a pot.



Ok; no one's waking up. We're safe. Continue.

Ingredients were mixed, tools were washed, trash was disposed. The dough is in the fridge, covered, happily rising. My friends are none the wiser, and will not be until they wake in the morning and find a doughy surprise on the shelf which last night held only berries, cheese, and mysterious leftovers.

Mission Outcome: I am Ninja Baker!

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